Wighill Manor Lodges
Wighill Manor Lodges, Wighill Manor, Wighill, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, LS24 8BT (Tel - 07989 744989) e-mail : wighillmanorlodges@hotmail.co.uk
Wighill Manor is a Grade II listed house and was built in 1791 on the site of the original house which was built in 1580 by Sir Robert Stapilton.  The original house was pulled down because it did not have a ballroom and a new Hall was built further in the Park. The avenue of trees led to this Hall, but in the 1950s the trees were sold and chopped down, leaving only those you can see on our land.  The coats of arms over the front door are the stapilton coats of arms.  The house is built using the same stone as York Minster.  The acre of water was called a ‘fish stew’ which was there to provide Carp for the house,
and is mentioned in the history books.  The water is artesian fed as is the well in front of the house.  The well still remains the only natural source of water in the village. Our family has farmed the land since 1906 when John William Watson was married and went to live at Lodge Farm (just across the fields).  He and his family moved to live at Wighill Manor in
1911 and purchased the farm in 1921 when the Fountayne-Wilson Estate was broken up.  The land was subsequently farmed by his youngest son, Oliver Watson and now by Oliver’s Daughter, Margaret along with her  daughter Melanie and son-in-law Rupert.